10 Best responses to the ‘Are they Twins?’ Question

Parents of multiples are asked many annoying, inappropriate questions.

From, were they conceived naturally, to whether your boy/girl twins are identical…like seriously???

But there is one particular question I find the most annoying of all: ARE THEY TWINS?

Do people actually think that 2 babies (who are very clearly around the same age) are siblings born months/years apart?

Here are some of the best responses you can practice giving these nosy people:

(PS: I’ve used the last 1 about half a dozen times which results is incredulous looks)

  1. What? There was only 1 when we left the hospital!
  2. No, they’re brothers who were born 3 minutes apart
  3. The hospital had a buy 1 get 1 free offer
  4. No, there are actually 3, but we keep the third one for spare parts
  5. No, one is a stunt double
  6. No, the first one was so wonderful we decided to have him cloned.
  7. Hmmm, I don’t know, they have 2 different dads.
  8. No, I found the other 1 in the parking lot and thought, why not?
  9. No, one is a clever forgery
  10. No, they’re triplets. I leave the ugly 1 at home.

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